Early History
     According to local history, Bro C.S. Mullins had a vision for a new church while attending the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Missouri.  When he returned to Starkville he began to search for land in order to begin God’s plan.  He met two gentlemen by the name of McHann who directed him to the Sturgis area.  He then proceeded to introduce God’s plan and himself to the people.  They were so enthused that some gave chickens to be sold to raise money to purchase the building site.
Having experienced the friendliness of the people, Bro Mullins decided to name the church after them.  Thus, Friendship Baptist Church was born in 1947.  The building had dirt floors and the benches only had three slats for the backing.  The church had no built-in air conditioning or heat, but it had one outhouse.  An oil drum was used for heat in the winter and paper fans were distributed for use in the summer months.
In later years, the church added wood shavings to the floor and a potbelly stove.  As the church grew and people gave more money, butane heat was added and a concrete floor was poured inside the standing building by mixing concrete in wheel barrows and smoothing it with brooms.
Recent History
     In 1994, after much prayer and planning, the old church building was torn down and the present sanctuary was built under the leadership of Bro Junior Davis, who served as Pastor for 16 years.  Under the leadership of Bro Tim Buchanan, the church was able to bring a new Family Life Center to near completion.  Due to the many talents and willingness of the men of Friendship Baptist, the majority of the work has been done with no labor costs and without incurring debt.
     Friendship continues to have a vision for a building program and has recently remodeled the Pastor’s Home and built additional classrooms and a new office for the Pastor.   The FBC sanctuary seats around 320 comfortably and there is class room space to allow for significant growth.  A Family Life Center has been erected and will be completed in the near future. It includes a large kitchen, a walking track, a basketball court, storage space, various sized classrooms, an exercise area and an adjoining nursery, and a large youth activity area.  The Pastor’s Home is a three bedroom, two bath brick home located on church property.
Friendship currently has over 420 members and a budget of $292,029 for the 2017 church year. The average Sunday School attendance is 110, morning worship attendance ranges from 150-200, and Discipleship Training attendance averages 60. Wednesday prayer time averages approximately 50. Other programs include men’s prayer time, ladies’ home Bible study and prayer, choir practice, and various youth and children’s programs.