We Were ALL New At One Time

The vision of Friendship Baptist Church is to live a group of believers who actively show the love of Jesus to each other and to everyone with whom we come in contact.
According to local history, Bro C.S. Mullins had a vision for a new church while attending the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Missouri.  When he returned to Starkville he began to search for land to begin God’s plan.  He met two gentlemen by the name of McHann who directed him to the Craig Springs area.  He then proceeded to introduce God’s plan and himself to the people.  They were so excited that some donated chickens to be sold to raise money to purchase land for the church building.

      Having experienced the friendliness of the people, Bro Mullins decided to name the church after them.  Thus, Friendship Baptist Church was born in 1947.  The building had dirt floors and the benches only had three slats for the backing.  The church had no built-in air conditioning or heat, but it had one outhouse.  An oil drum was used for heat in the winter and paper fans were distributed for use in the summer months.

     In later years, the church added wood shavings to the floor and a potbelly stove.  As the church grew and people gave more money, butane heat was added and a concrete floor was poured inside the standing building by mixing concrete in wheelbarrows and smoothing it with brooms.

 In 1994, after much prayer and planning, the old church building was torn down and the present sanctuary followed by the construction of a children’s wing and new Family Life Center. 

God has blessed us with great facilities and gifted workers!  Our goal is to be good stewards of these gifts by sharing the story of Jesus and letting Him change lives! 
In all things, we strive to Love God, Love People, and Reach the World!