Lake Forest Ranch | May 28th- June 1st

  • Speaker – Jesse Joyner
  • Ages 7-12
  • Deposit due by April 28 ($100)
  • Total due by May 28
  • Please contact Bro Trevor Fulgham (662-364-1403) with any questions


Camper Registration Instructions

To register online you will need a few things with you before you register. 

  • Group Hold number (683) 
  • Camper’s insurance card
  • Emergency Contact’s information
  1. Go to and click the green button that says, “Individual registration”. This will take you into our database. You can then log in to your account or create a new account if this is the campers first time at LFR. If you can’t remember you login information, please contact the office and we will help you with this information.
  2. When creating a new account, the first screen is where you set up your username and password. The name and email address should be yours, not the camper you are registering. Keep the username and password in a secure place and use it whenever you wish to return to update information or register for other sessions. 
  3. Returning users will log in and they will be taken to the dashboard where you can Select from available campers. Once a camper is selected you will click the “Add Program” and continue from there. If the camper is new, click the “Add Camper” button and add their information. Once their name is in you will be able to go to the “Add Program” and continue registering. 
  4. If you are registering more than one camper you will complete the registration for the first camper and then click on “Add Camper”  
  5. This is also where you will add money to the camp store. Once your camper is registered you can go to the financial box and click the make a payment button. You will be taken to the payment option screen. Scroll down and click the store tab, this is where you can add money to the camp store for your camper. Please remember that you will have 2 options for the credit left over in the camp store. One is to donate it to LFR and the other is to be refunded. You will receive an email explaining this if your camper has a credit after camp. 
If you experience any difficulties during the registration process, you will see a Contact Us
button at the top of the screen that includes the technical support phone number and the camp
phone number. Please call if you need any assistance.